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PostSubject: Phara0h   Phara0h EmptyMon Apr 13, 2009 4:22 pm

1) Why do you want to join Revolution? Revolution is a nice guild that all ppl would like to join. i was in Utopia guild and i left because i didn't know anyone and most of ppl were 120++(active ones)..some friend in my range lvl they are in Revolution me So i want to try join..i want to make some fun with some guildies.Also to help them and to help me about rappelz..

2) Was there someone who referred you to Revolution? (if so please name him/her).No... No

3) What is the main thing that you look for in a guild?active/cool/''helpfull''/my range level people....

4) Do you like PKing?hmmmm... confused i dont like pking some1 that is on SS or something like that....But also if some1 wanna pk him/her for fun or in horizen brighe i like pking peole in that case...

5) Tell us something about yourself that you feel we should know. i am 15 years old boy.hmmm....i am a trusty player if u wanna ask something..i also help guildies if i can with money. cheap stuffs. E.T.C...i am a nice and cool boy that want to make fun with Rappelz and make new trusty friends...

Ty for u listen me... lol!
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